The Phone Girl (thephonegirl) wrote,
The Phone Girl


When I pay attention (which isn't that often) I notice certain trends in the calls I receive. Sometimes it's a run on a topic: 5 feminization calls in a row, or 3 extra long cuckold chats in a day. Other times it's the time of day, giving me bursts of activity on consecutive happy hours or several days of nothing till 1am.

Most recently, however, it's been location. In the past week I've had no less than 8 men calling me from work. More surprising than that has been the 3 who said they weren't alone when they were calling. This lead to an amusing game of twenty questions.

Only one said that he actually came, and I sometimes doubt the veracity of my gentlemen callers. However, I do get a kick out of some desk jockey trying to hide his boner as he makes his way to a bathroom stall for a quick post chat wank.

No long calls lately. I kind of miss that, and of the 5 or so regular long call guys I remember, I have heard from none in the last month. I am curious about a few of them, but I suppose they'll surface eventually.

Meanwhile, I'll just bide my time till mid-september, which is when this shit always picks up. :) Later, cats and kittens.
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