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Back in the saddle

After a 5 day hiatus, I went back on the phones last night. Strange experience, talking shit in a new setting. I mean, I've now been on Keen/Niteflirt for over 3 years, and have taken calls in... let's see... 4 homes now.

I'd been debating whether or not to try Keen for about 6 months before I actually took the plunge. In the first home, would pace the kitchen while talking with the occasional caller. Traffic was sparse, at least for a newbie like myself. Back then I would get nervous every time the phone rung.

The second home is where the majority of my photos come from. Posing in front of the window, jumping onto my bed and trying to arrange my body before the 10 second timer clicked. They took forever, and the camera I used has long since died. That's really the place where I became more comfortable with the variety of calls that were flung my way.

This last place was where I started camming, tentatively at first, and with more ease lately. Between jobs the phone became, at times, a primary source of income. Most all the calls were taken on my bed, as my portable phone had inexplicable issues w/ the 10 or so yards between my living room and bedroom. Issues that involved lowering the volume of these boys to inaudible levels.

And when you're sneaking a wank down in the living room while the wive sleeps upstairs. . . "Speak up" isn't a doable request.

And now I'm here. No apartments on the other side of my walls, thankfully, so I won't need to worry about alienating my new neighbors. The couch has become the designated call taking spot, which is fine by me, but the bastard thing is way too comfortable. It's awfully hard to get back up and continue whatever task I stopped to take the call when I've been stretched out on that comfyness for 4/17/72 minutes. :)
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