The Phone Girl (thephonegirl) wrote,
The Phone Girl

5 things to keep in mind when calling a phone sex operator

1. I'm sure you're very charming and normal in "real life", but I'm not going to meet you. I'm sure somewhere, someone has met her callers, but getting pissy at me for a non-commital (read negative) response to your suggestion that we "meet next week to actually suck off 7 or 8 black men at a hotel" is just. . . well, makes me think you've got reasons besides boredom to be calling me.

2. If you're wanting me to moan/scream/yell my cries of passion louder, and you've asked twice, and I'm not getting any louder. . . I'm not getting louder. I've got neighbors, you twit.

3. No, I'm not going to go find a guy in my building to suck off right now on the phone for you. We can pretend, but if you're expecting to hear his voice while I suck him (read a dildo) off, um. . . well. . . I think the term twit applies again.

4. If your name is John, Dave, Steve or Mike, please don't expect me to remember which John, Dave, Steve, or Mike you are. A good 60 percent of all my callers "happen" to have that name, so, be more specific. Answering the question "What did we talk about last time?" with something like, "You sucked my cock" doesn't do a hell of a lot more to distinguish you.

5. If you want to chat, let me know. If you want to talk about me fucking a brazilian tranny up the ass with a blue strap on while you bounce up and down on her dick while eating your own cum, tell me that too. If you don't want "phone sex", but do want to just chat about porn or politics, let me know. As I've said before, you called the adult section, not the psychic section.

All these rants are from twits from the last week. Had a lot of good calls too, though. :)
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