The Phone Girl (thephonegirl) wrote,
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Totally mundane, non sexy post

You know the state of US education is fucking sad when you're sitting at a local bar, chilling on your computer, listing to a nearby table of yuppies and the topic of Farenheit 9/11 comes up, there's a 10 minute heated discussion during which I glean that only 2 of the five have seen the film. All have opinions, of course, but that's not the sad part.

The sad part is that only two (one of the movie watchers, one other) actually knows the Bradbury novel from which Moore gacked the title of his lil record breaking movie.

"No, 451 is the tempurature that books burn at."

"You're wrong. Everything burns at 212."

Sigh. Honey, that's water. And speaking of water, you MUST get the new glad press'n'seal wrap. Seriously. Next time you're in the supermarket, just check it's out. It's fucking creepy how well it works. According to the Press 'n Seal Website, it's based on chewing gum technology. . . but dude, it's cool. Trust me. If you've EVER had fun in your kitchen, you'll understand. If not, then just skip to the next paragraph.

Regarding the lovely world of Niteflirt/Keen/Ingenio, they're all down and shit this afternoon. First of all, I'm eternally grateful to the individuals who created Keen and its children. The modes of expression and entertainment and, of course, income they've provided me over the last 3 years have been invaluable. I have occasional complaints, of course, but by and large, they've given me an opportunity to tell dirty, kinky stories from the comfort of my home.

But lately, they've had some connection issues. This is more of shout out to my callers than anything else, but you should know that in the last 2 weeks a full 25% of all calls to my house that listed Niteflirt's number on my caller ID have been dropped calls, i.e. dead air when I pick up the phone. And then within those calls that actually get connected, I've gotten more than half a dozen disconnections where I didn't hang up and the caller swears (upon re-call) that they didn't hang up.

So, just so you boys know, I'll be on tonight, to the best of my ability, and hopefully, I'll hear from a few of you. :)
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